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Regarding Links to Our Website

Our website is free to link to, but if you decide to link to us, please make sure to review our terms of use and inform us of your usage.

■ Conditions for linking

1. Files and pages other than the top page may be deleted or modified.
Please link only to the top page at http://www.jspa-nsc.com/. (Displaying within frames, etc. is not allowed.)

2.The Japan Self-Care Promotion Association is not responsible for any compensation or complaints from third parties regarding your website or the accuracy of its content.

3.If you cannot or do not intend to follow the usage conditions described in this document for any reason, please immediately discontinue linking to our site.

<The following types of links are strictly prohibited>
◆Links from sites that contain content that defames or damages the reputation of our site or its content in any way.
◆ Links from sites that display illegal content (including content with the potential to be illegal) or are involved in illegal activities (including activities with the potential to be illegal), or have the potential to be involved in such activities.
◆ Links that use frames or other methods that obscure the fact that the content is that of the Japan Self-Care Promotion Association.

<Other notes>
* Content and URLs on the site may be changed or deleted without notice.
* These usage conditions may be changed without notice. If they are changed, please follow the updated usage conditions.

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