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Japan is now in the midst of an aging society with a declining population that the world has never seen before. Devising strategies to overcome the problems facing this era is an important issue, and finding ways to achieve safe communities for citizens and maintain the social security system are our urgent tasks.
Over-the-counter drug manufacturers have been playing a central role in self-medication focusing on the relationship between people and over-the-counter drugs. What people actually use is not limited to over-the-counter drugs. We believe that more extensive health-maintenance or health–promoting activities in addition to self-medication need to play a part in extending healthy life-spans.
Based on the notion that healthcare needs to be considered for the people who use over-the-counter drugs at the center, a whole new concept of "Japanese style self-care" has been proposed.
Other countries in the Asia-Pacific region currently experiencing rapid economic growth will also enter into an era of an aging society with a declining population like Japan. For this reason, overcoming this era is an issue not only for Japan but also for countries across the entire Asia-Pacific region.
Cultures and systems greatly differ within the Asia-Pacific region. Still, dissemination of Japanese style self-care can help communities in terms of promoting the use of self-care in comprehensive regional healthcare systems and stimulate the regional economies. We believe this will in turn contribute to extending healthy life-spans and developing measures to prevent illnesses.
This recognition has led us to establish the Japan Selfcare Promotion Association. Its objective is to establish a wide-ranging network of individuals in the self-care industry and work with organizations and agencies in this field to encourage people to practice Japanese- style self-care and create opportunities for gathering and sharing information that are necessary for the practice.
With the participation of drug manufacturers, pharmacies and drugstores, physicians, pharmacists, private sector insurance companies, local governments, tax attorneys and other experts, the Japan Selfcare Promotion Association will explore strategies for effectively implementing the health cycle to promote Japanese-style self-care and carry out health-promoting activities to contribute to extending the healthy life-span of Japanese citizens.
We provide various benefits to our members, so please take this opportunity to join us. We would also greatly appreciate your understanding and support for the Japan Selfcare Promotion Association.

Thank you.

Yoshihiro Miwa, Managing Director (Chairman)
Japan Selfcare Promotion Association

Organizational Chart

Japan Self-Care Promotion Council Organization Overview

Overview of the Association

Name Japan Selfcare Promotion Association (JSPA)
Organization [Managing Director (Chairperson)]
Yoshihiro Miwa (Representative Director, President and CEO, Kowa Company, Ltd.)

[Executive Directors] (following the Japanese phonetic alphabetsyllabary)
Teruo Ichihara (Executive Officer, Kowa Company, Ltd.)
Tetsuji Urayama (Prescription Promotion Department, Kusuri no Aoki, Co., Ltd.)
Tatsuhiko Kodama (Cancer-Metabolism Project Leader/Professor Emeritus, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)

[Directors] (following the Japanese syllabaryphonetic alphabet)
Keisei Aoki (Chairperson of the Board, Kusuri no Aoki Holdings, Co., Ltd.)
Koji Kawakami (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine and Public Science, Kyoto University)
Sadayuki Sugiyama (President, SugiyamaDrugs, Co., Ltd.)
Yasuhide Nakamura (Professor at Konan Women's University and Professor Emeritus at Osaka University)
Masahiko Hosokawa (specially appointed professor at Chubu University and the former Director of the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade, and Industry of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)
Michiko Hori (Director of Iyaku-Joho-Kenkyujo, Inc. and Manager, Drug Information Division, SIC Co., Ltd.)

Yasuhiko Ikubo (Abe, Ikubo & Katayama)
Date of formation January 29, 2019
Address 5th Floor, Showa Yakubo Building, 3-4-18, Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023
Contact information [Tel] 03-6271-8941 [Fax] 03-6271-8942 [Email] info@jspa-nsc.com


We promote Japanese-style self-care to create a healthy society

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